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Posted on: July 3rd, 2013 by orgadmin

Welcome to the Organizational Objectives Associates blog. We’re excited to have a place where we can share insights from our nearly 30 years in the healthcare consulting business, along with information about the latest news and trends impacting health centers. But we want to start things off with a brief intro from OOA’s founder, Norm Waaks.

I don’t know how we got to be creeping up on 30 years of consulting with health centers, hospitals, academic medical centers and other nonprofits. But when I look around at disarray in the office I realize that, one, I’m a pack rat and, two, if I thought I would still be doing this as long as I have, we would gotten better organized.

Despite the mess, we are not worried.  Our experience has grown right along with the community health center “industry,” which is changing rapidly. I remember seeing Senator Bill Bradley pledging to double the number of community health centers in his debate with Al Gore many years ago. George Bush “borrowed” this idea shortly thereafter, and it has been Boomtown for health centers almost ever since. With this flurry of activity, after a relatively low ebb in health center growth and with no retirement plan in place, it seemed to be a good idea to double down on growth and activity.

I’m looking for a high-end Timex to award to Ginger Easley who is coming on 10 years in the trenches with us. I also have to recall to our many friends in this business that our original  mainstay Lee Nettke-Martin is busy playing Grandma in Lancaster County, PA and still wondering on how that all happened.

Lastly, we welcome Andrew Jones our new Proposal Manager/Business Developer who is living proof that someone can get a job with a Masters in English Literature. Particularly if they are energetic, creative and have a good handle on the practical use of social media. The best news is that some of our most particular (read: fussy) clients won’t have to ride herd so hard on our application text and punctuation. So here’s to the next 30 years. Hmmm!


We’ll be updating the blog frequently, with commentary, tips, and info about our current projects, so check back often.


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