GIS Mapping

The Drawbacks of the UDS Mapper

Geography is a critical consideration for any health center project. Many HRSA projects require applicants to submit a map created using their proprietary mapping system, UDS Mapper. While the current system is a vast improvement over previous iterations, the UDS Mapper is still a cumbersome tool that typically produces maps that are not particularly useful. It is important for reviewers to be able to visualize your service area and health center site(s). Using GIS mapping software, we develop detailed and carefully organized maps that add substance and visual appeal to proposals.

The map below, created using the UDS Mapper, demonstrates some of the system’s shortcomings. To allow all of the required labels to fit, the map has been zoomed out to a degree that diminishes its utility. The reason for this is that, at present, the UDS Mapper only allows for maps to be produced in portrait orientation. The example map, though, is better suited for landscape orientation. Ultimately, the UDS Mapper’s many shortcomings result in maps that are jumbled and difficult to decipher.

CK UDS Mapper

Map produced using the UDS Mapper.







Using GIS Mapping to Strengthen Your Proposal

Clear and easy-to-use maps are an important component of a proposal, providing support for the text and helping to optimally describe the service area. Using the finest in understandable and attractive GIS mapping, we can graphically illustrate your service area and demographics to put an image in the minds of your reviewers that will aid their understanding of your programs. Samples of the most common types of GIS mapping we produce for our clients are provided below.


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