HPSA Designations

Regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services establish criteria and procedures for the designation of geographic areas, population groups, medical facilities, and other public facilities, in the States, as health professional(s) shortage areas (HPSAs).

 Using data available to the Department from national, State, and local sources and based upon certain criteria, the Department will annually prepare listings (by State and health service area) of currently designated HPSAs and areas that can potentially designated, together with appropriate related data available to the Department.  Criteria

In addition, any agency or individual may request the Secretary to designate (or withdraw the designation of) a particular geographic area, population group, or facility as a HPSA.

Every Federally Qualified Health Center has a HPSA site specific designation automatically.

Individual state health departments are tasked with assisting in making application request to DHHS for these designations and work with communities to accomplish this task.

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