HRSA Program Compliance

Getting a grant is only half the battle –

To maintain funding, health centers must submit financial and operational reports and undergo occasional audits. Many organizations save time and money by relying on OOA to help them navigate these time-consuming requirements. We can work with health center staff to develop operating policies and procedures that maintain program compliance, integrate quality assurance and quality improvement activities into the work processes of the health center, improve documentation, secure staff “buy-in” on organizational goals, and provide governing boards with the information required to effectively discharge their fiduciary responsibilities.

Common HRSA Program Compliance Services for FQHCs

  • Service Area Competitions (submitted every three (3) years)
  • Budget Period Progress Reports (submitted annually)

Common HRSA Program Compliance Services for FQHC-LAs

  • Renewals of Designation (submitted every three (3) years)
  • Annual Certifications

In many cases, our clients could, using their own staff and resources, develop Service Area Competition or Annual Certification submissions. However, just as people will call upon an experienced accountant to handle their taxes, these organizations look to us because they know that we have the expertise to easily handle these projects. By having us perform the heavy lifting on these projects, these organizations are able to save time and more effectively allocate their resources.

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