New Access Point Grants

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) sponsors New Access Point opportunities. Typically, they provide funding for New Access Points at least once every two years. These New Access Point grants are available to:

  • Existing FQHCs or FQHC Look-Alikes that want to open a satellite center.
  • Existing 501(c)3 organizations that want to provide medical care for a low to moderate income community.

New Access Point grants are highly competitive, so a thorough analysis of your situation must first be undertaken to determine if your plans can withstand the competition. We will work with you to ensure that your organization is prepared for the application process, has the assistance necessary to produce the best application possible, and has plans in place for what needs to be done in the event that funding is awarded.                      

Our New Access Point Grants Process

Along with providing your organization with a feasibility study, we can also perform the required needs assessment. These documents will help guide your strategic planning and provide solid support for you proposed project.

We can help you choose sites, target market segments, plan distribution networks, respond to service needs, or redraw service area boundaries. We assist with these processes by using geographical and population data to create compelling and aesthetically appealing support maps for proposals.

Having a carefully planned budget in place is critical to winning a New Access Point grant, as the budget is important for ensuring program sustainability. Proper forecasting of income and expenses, demand for sliding fee services, and provider productivity are also essential aspects of making a compelling case for grant funding selection.

Developing a new program requires a strong understanding of quality improvement and assurance programs. Designing robust healthcare and business plans that meet New Access Point grant funding standards and are usable by your providers and staff requires a comprehensive approach. We will help you to develop these plans by considering patient needs, acceptable protocols, standards for measuring benchmarks and progress, and ways in which services can be interrelated and interdependent.

Demonstrating that there is support for your project is another critical element with New Access Point grants. We can help you reach out to those whose support is of critical importance to your project.

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