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Joint Ventures

Building successful partnerships requires laying the right cards on the table.  Economics, politics, and a whole host of other logistical issues all play a role in orchestrating win-win opportunities with other organizations.

With nearly 30 years of healthcare experience, the OOA team knows what it takes to bridge gaps in understanding and create the kinds of conversations that lead to equitable agreements between organizations.  We can act as “honest brokers,” creating solutions that are tailored to meet your organization’s as well as your partner organization’s needs.

Let us perform a financial feasibility study for your potential venture, then strategize with you and a willing partner to get the program outcomes and agreements you need.


Mental Health Integration

Mental health is one of the most sought after services in ambulatory care. Integrating primary health care and mental health services are shown to improve the health of people with and at risk for mental illnesses through expanded access to integrated health care services. Primary care providers often express a need to have more information on treatment and medication management for chronic mental illnesses and for patients with mental illness and other chronic diseases.

Evidence demonstrates that integrated care improves access to and service outcomes for persons with or at risk of mental illness. The term “integrated care” includes the integration of screening, prevention, early intervention, and treatment. Integrated services help maintain mental wellness and prevent the occurrence of mental distress or the exacerbation of existing mental illnesses.

Integrated care results in improved access to high quality care, increased patient and provider satisfaction, increased patient adherence, cost effectiveness and cost savings, improved patient health and well-being, and, ultimately, the elimination of health disparities.

Let us help you document the need for services in your community and develop your implementation plan.


Satellite Site Development

Many community health centers recognize the need for satellite offices to serve additional geographic segments of the organization’s service area.

However, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.

Our team can provide site studies for your future location, a feasibility study to determine the potential for a successful practice, and a market strategy to build the new patient base.

Good planning for patient sharing, inventory control, advertising, and distinguishing the satellite from the main center are among the important management details. A good management strategy should also include communication and training opportunities to hold the total organization together and unify protocols and procedures.

Our team consists of clinical and business professionals who know how to help develop and implement a management strategy for your organization.

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