Project Examples

FQHC Funding

Non-profit organizations across the country work tirelessly to provide necessary services to members of their community who are most at-risk. OOA takes great pride in helping these organizations get the funding they need to provide their communities with primary medical care.

A faith-based non-profit organization was offering primary health care as well as other community services, including homelessness prevention, housing assistance, daycare services, a community food center, after-school care, adult education, and transitional living quarters.  However, after 10 years the organization needed additional funding to meet patient demand for primary medical care.

OOA was engaged to guide the organization through the Section 330 Program Guidelines compliance activities to become an FQHC Look-Alike. In addition to providing expert assistance with the many requirements for securing Section 330 funding, OOA also helped this organization overcome objections from other CHCs due to perceived service area overlap. Thanks to effective collaboration between OOA and this organization, as well as OOA’s ability to work with the other CHCs in the area, this application was successful. Ultimately, this clinic became an FQHC and has since added another site.

Many rural health centers, residency training sites, emergency rooms with high rates of uninsured needing primary care, private doctors’ practices, and free clinics incorporate a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) model when the need for primary care for the uninsured is significant.

Free Clinic to FQHC

The Free Clinic is a crucial member of the continuum of services for the indigent and uninsured.  When a free clinic is ready to make the leap to community health center status (FQHC), there are many issues to consider.

A collaboration of county health groups who operated a free clinic wanted to convert their project to a community health center model.  They called on OOA to guide them through the Section 330 Program Guidelines to become a CHC. OOA helped with all of the requirements necessary for an organization to become an FQHC, including selecting an appropriate site, designing the clinic staffing and management infrastructure, training the new Board of Directors, and helping to launch the new organization.

Following the launch, OOA  prepared the organization’s New Start grant application to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). We’re proud to say that this application was successful and resulted in our client receiving the funding they deserved. Moreover, we were especially proud of our work on this project, due to the fact that, of the 75 New Start applicants that cycle, our client was the only one that represented an organization that had previously not existed.

New Access Point Funding

New Access Point funding, which is provided through HRSA, is highly competitive. These opportunities require thorough planning and well-developed proposals. OOA works with organizations to ensure that they are able to produce the best application possible and have plans in place for what must be done in the event that funding is awarded.

A hospital-based family practice residency program site, operating on a very marginal level financially, was searching for a way to fund the cost of serving a low to moderate income community that included over 25 different ethnic groups. We conducted a feasibility study, including extensive GIS mapping of patient origins and a financial analysis of the service area, to identify the potential for increasing access to care.

Based on the data we collected, we then prepared an application for funding as a New Access Point for the organization. Ultimately, the grant was approved by HRSA. Moreover, we crafted a Memorandum of Understanding between the new organization and the hospital that allowed the teaching program to remain intact.

As a full-service healthcare consulting group, OOA can help you obtain and maintain the funding you need.

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